LCM Engineering has focused on providing consulting engineering services of the highest quality throughout Florida since 1993.   Our specialities include Architectural Engineering for existing buildings and facilities, and Structural Engineering for new facilities.


LCM provides specialized services to condominium and home owners associations, retail, housing, industrial, commercial and other facilities.


Rebar in concrete structures, near salt water, can corrode and cause damage. You will need an engineer in order to get any repairs completed. We can help. Contact us for further details.







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Structural Engineering

LCM provides Structural Engineering for a broad range of buildings and structures.  Our experience and expertise extends from small structures to retail, housing, industrial, commercial facilities, communications towers and high rise buildings.





Florida Special Inspections (Threshold  Buildings)

Architectural Engineering

Concrete Repairs and Restoration

Window and Door Replacements

Water Intrusion

Roofing and Re-roofing

Painting and Sealing

Stucco and Cladding

Storm Damage

Wind Mitigation Certifications

Hurricane Preparedness


Lakes and Ponds

Storm Water Drainage

Parking Structures


Transition Surveys

Reserve Studies

Condition Surveys

Maintenance & Operations Manuals

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Wind Mitigation








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