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Lewis C. Midlam

Lewis C. Midlam is the founder of LCM Engineering, PLLC. Lew started LCM Engineering in his garage in 1993 and grew it into something he could be proud of.

Lew's resume is impressive. He was registered as a Professional Engineer in Florida, Oregon & Washington. Lew was a registered Special Inspector in Florida and Certified in the practice of Structrual Engineering.

Lew studied at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of South Florida, and Washington State University.

With over forty years of civil, structural and architecural engineering, analysis, design, and engineering management experience, you can be assured that you chose the right person and the right firm for the job.

With even more to impress, Lew has a patent for; Patent Number 5,183,354 - February 2, 1993 - Process for In Situ Recycling of Electrical Power Distribution Switchyard Aggregate Surfacing.

Lew was not only intelligent and kind, he was also generous. Lew's contributions to the community included helping My Autisum Connections, CAI, and being an active founding member of Florida Structrual Engineers (FSEA).

Lew was killed when his Cessna 210D crashed soon after take off from an airport in Apalachicola, Florida. Lew was there helping the victims of Hurricane Michael which hit the Florida Panhandle on October 10, 2018. The area was devistated by the storm. Lew had been flying back and forth helping clients. Although he was an experienced pilot with over 17 years experience, he became the 44th victim of Hurricane Michael when his plane crashed.

Lew will be missed but never forgotten. His experience, knowledge, and integrity will live on at LCM Engineering, PLLC.

Founder of LCM Engineering,PLLC, Lewis C. Midlam.

Lewis Cameron Midlam
September, 1945 - November, 2018

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Lew's many areas of practice include the following...

  • general consulting
  • engineering
  • repairs & restoration
  • painting
  • corrosion
  • construction defects
  • building envelopes
  • roofing & re-roofing
  • storm damage
  • door and window replacement
  • damage assessment
  • architectural components
  • coatings
  • stucco
  • structures
  • moisture control
  • water intrusion
  • failures
  • insurance claims
  • mechanical
  • electrical