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Storm Recovery Services

LCM Engineering is providing recovery engineering services throughout south Florida. Please call to schedule a free initial consultation.

Protect your property against further damage.

Contact your insurance company and let them know a claim is forthcoming. If possible, do not make repairs until your insurance company has had an opportunity to observe the damage.

Read your policy, or obtain legal counsel to assist you. Remember, insurance companies are not charities. It's up to you, along with your legal and engineering team, to maximize your claim.

Hurricane force winds

Recovery Services

Engineering assessment: LCM will visit your site to document the damage and determine appropriate repairs. Prepare cost estimates for re-construction. Prepare drawings, specifications and bidding criteria. Obtain bids from qualified contractors.

The majority of repairs will require a permit from the local building department. Drawings and specifications will be required to obtain a building permit. Many building departments will be overwhelmed during this time, and obtaining a building permit might take more than two or three months. LCM can provide alternative procedures to minimize that schedule.

During re-construction, LCM will visit the site on a routine schedule to monitor the work as it progresses, and to assist the owner where needed.

Re-construction can take a very long time - more than a few years if the damage is substantial.

Please call our office at 239-590-0263 to get started, or, send an email to Provide your name and phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible. Remember, our power, internet and phones might also be inoperable. Please be patient.